MORE than a boat. MORE than a caravan.

Two in one

The new Scoter – Now production ready

after experience with the prototype:

Longer, roomier

The prototype at the Caravan Salon 2022

The prototype at the Caravan Salon 2022

„A cool concept that’s hard to come by“ about the Scoter at the Caravan Salon

The new Scoter

As a light caravan on the road for up to 4 people

As a houseboat or weekend boat on the water

as Boot:

The new Scoter as Boot

as Caravan:

The new Scoter as Caravan


The price

18.880,- EUR incl. VAT

for an additional surcharge:

General technical data

Motorization, outboard engine

Boat slip

(launching or extracting from the water))

For slipping, a winch is used, which is attached to the ball hitch of the car with the help of an adapter. In addition, an auxiliary pulley is also installed at the bottom of the front part of the hull. Thus, unlike when slipping with a trailer, the car can be stopped at a greater distance from the shore.

Boating license free*

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